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Lockdown Melbourne

Strange times, if I could time travel back to a year ago, words like social distancing, mask etiquette and covid would be doubledutch. Now, it is all I think about, Melbourne is back in lockdown and the Melbournians are getting agitated and fed up. The first lockdown was easier, it was like a challange, something new you had to be good at. I baked lots of banana bread and thought about all the Netflix series I could consume. Now, well I've had enough banana bread and I am up to date on Netflix thanks. Zoom calls were a novelty to begin with, all the fun of remembering to mute, now its another place where life is virtual and slightly unreal.

I want to be planning my next holiday, venturing out without feeling this virus is lurking on a shiny surface and waiting to get me. The news is all bad news. It feels like I have entered a parallel universe, and we are all smizing and sizing each other up,

"Do you have it"? Thats the question on everyones mask covered lips.

I want to go to a real place, have free abandon, just free would be good enough. I have reached Emerald in Duolingo french, but little chance of getting to France anytime soon. I want to not sense that we are all afraid of a virus, which only introduced it self this year. There is a weariness, here in Melbourne. Today is compulsory wear your mask day, but lots of locals have figured that this does'nt work with a takeaway coffee. For Victorians this is their definer, coffee and laneway cafes. Apparently the hipster Melbournians are expressing themselves in cloth, probably eco, enviro friendly and rainbow coloured of course.

I am hoping like the rest of the world that a vaccine comes soon, that we get to hear the noise of a plane in the sky above and suitcases come back out of retirement. Keeping positive, that gets old after six months, I kind of feel I want to moan a lot instead.

This is really selfish and unproductive, well back to the banana bread baking I guess.

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