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Don't stay in the lines

I've been thinking a lot about how children attend school and very quickly become preoccupied with conforming and keeping within the lines. They quickly realise life is now about keeping to the rules. I met a little kid once who looked at me aghast as I scribbled on his colouring book, all outside the designated thick lines of the pre drawn figure. He seemed worried about what would happen next, after I commited the cardinal sin of drawing outside the lines, all of them.

The problem is that in the process of school learning, I think we loose some creativity and a bit of our free thinking too.

But its not all bad news, as we can get it back. I have to confess I'm not a lover of the Cork and Canvas or the Pinot and Paint beccause it looks a lot like paint by numbers. I would love to look in the class window and see difference, because we are all different and our drawings should reflect that.

There is a wonderful freedom in drawing but first its a case of realising there are no mistakes, no wrong turns when you are driving a pencil. You can draw whatever you like, it doesnt have to be a "good drawing" or "right". In fact it would be better to take that pencil and break out of the lines.

This thinking comes at the end of very challenging year of pandemics and lockdowns. Surely we don't go back to whatever life was Dec 2019. I'm hoping, along with others that we will all take some time and reassess. We didn't miss shopping or material things, half as much as missing family, going out to places and mingling or mixing. I'm planning to get some adults together and draw outside and outside the lines,all at once.

If this interests you and you live on the Bellarine, send me your details and I'll keep you informed. No experience required, in fact the less the better.

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